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svr_all_features Genome Type

svr_all_features Genome Type

Get a list of Feature IDs for all features of a given type in a given genome or a list of genomes.

If a genome ID is specified in the command line, there is no input. Otherwise, this script takes as input a tab-delimited file with genome IDs at the end of each line.

The output is a file of feature IDs, one ID per line.

------ Example: svr_all_features 3702.1 peg | svr_function_of

would produce a 2-column table. The first column would contain PEG IDs for genes occurring in genome 3702.1, and the second would contain the functions of those genes. ------

Command-Line Options


A genome that is in the SEED. The ID must be a valid SEED genome ID of the form /^\d+\.\d+$/ (i.e., of the form xxxx.yyy)


The type of the features sought (e.g., peg or rna)

Output Format

The standard output is a file where each line just contains a feature ID.