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    svr_subsystem_roles "subsystem ID" >sub_data.tbl

Output the roles of a subsystem.

This script takes as input a subsystem name on the command line and produces a tab-delimited file of all the roles in the subsystem (in order) and their abbreviations. Each line of the file will contain the subsystem name, abbreviation and the full role name. The output will be produced on the standard output.

Note that because the subsystem name likely contains spaces, it will need to be enclosed in quotes on the command-line.

If you want to see the data for a set of subsystems, you can read a file of genome IDs. The script will then write out the roles for all subsystems in the file.

Command-Line Options


The URL for the Sapling server, if it is to be different from the default.


If specified, auxiliary roles will be included in the output. Normally these are excluded.